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Evan Rivers
Evan Rivers
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Evan Rivers is a 23 year old sex bomb who lives in Miami Beach; he's smooth, twinky, sexy and now he has his own personal site that he updates every week with, he says proudly on his Q & A page, a new movie. Some of these feature his buddies, others feature him, it looks like there's a great mix inside and this is one cool guy who loves to make porn.

Slipping easily into the members' area, after signing up, you'll notice that it looks just about the same as the tour. This is good as you can tell from the tour what the rest of the site is going to be like: easy to navigate, smooth to use and full of friendly and chatty text. (And porn of course!) The content, them main porn content that is, takes the form of 'updates' and the most recent are there for you on the members' home page with links to the others going back to 2005.

The updates are arranged with a screen-cap, a title and the run time. Click one for the full details and you'll find all your viewing options there. You can stream or download these movies in parts or in shorter clips; you have a choice of WMV or MPEG files, or you can take the whole movie in one go without restrictions and you are invited to rate each clip or scene too. To my mind for a personal site that's a pretty good collection of viewing options and they are to be applauded.

As for the content of these videos, I checked out a very hot session with Evan and an older friend of his. Great oral action followed by the youthful Evan riding his mate's cock and loving it - good sound too and natural dialogue; these two were really into each other and that made for a really erotic video experience. There was another one with Evan and two younger friends, some more what you might call intergenerational ones and even some intimate solo times with Evan on his own. There is a 'straight' one where he gets fucked by a girl wearing a strap on and he even tries his hand (well ass) at a bisexual threesome where again he gets fucked, this time by the guy. So a good mix of scenarios and good performances all round. If you're not sure about the movie you can view a trailer before you download or stream the whole thing or you can explore the screencap galleries that come with each one. These are just about frame by frame representations of the action to come with images being 655 x 480 in size.

These 37 exclusive and well made videos show off this young sex maniac at his best. They are great to view and keep, there are some really sexy guys in there with Evan, guys of all ages, and the main star really comes across as someone who just can't get enough sex - and loves every minute of it. On to of that he offers you some free downloads (wallpapers of himself), there is his blog, you can contact him via his contact page or My Space page and there is a list of his favourite sites too.

Bottom Line:
O.k. so three were only 37 videos to view (when I was there) but I'm giving this guy top marks. Mainly because he is so into what he is doing that you come away feeling like you just fucked him yourself. I wish... The site is easy to use, it is really friendly as well as being hot and it deserves to do really well. It's one of the best 'personal' sites I've seen.
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