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Bel Ami Online
Bel Ami Online
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What can you say about Bel Ami thats not been said before? I wont bore you with this for too long, but one of the first and hottest twink scenes I ever saw was on a video (a real video, tape and everything) and stared a then unknown called Johan Paulik, this was... several years ago. This tape was passed around my local gay community like the Holy Grail and I hate to thin how many gallons of jizz were spilled over it. And now... well, now Johan is blogging and working for Bel Ami and you can read his blog via Bel Ami Online. You may get jealous at the amount of horny youths who appear and hang out with him (he was in Amsterdam recently - I want to go there now!), and you will certainly get horny viewing it. And then the good news is that you can click over to the main site, log in and the world is your smooth and sexy, young and hung oyster.

Thats what Bel Ami do, probably, better than any other company working today. They find these impossibly beautiful boys, they make wonderfully erotic movies, and they know how to put the hardcore in too. They are known worldwide for the quality of their models, but their filming techniques are also top of the range. If you imagine big budget Hollywood in Eastern Europe, take out the actresses, add in only perfect younger guys, take off the clothes and then roll the cameras... well, there you have this company. And here you have their site.

You can buy BA videos all over the place, but here you can view them on line, you can get backstage (which is often as horny as the actual movies) you can see the pics and meet the stars. And that is something youre gunna want to do.

The movies are arranged via a top menu, where you also find your extras and other cool links, and the content here can be arranged by date and most rated. Although this is a technically complicated site, with all kinds of things to click and see, its actually very easy to get to the movies and pics. Simply click what you want and a new widow opens with your video in it. You can stream movies and download them in a couple of players, and there are many that state DRM Free which leads me to suspect that some are protected. There are accompanying images with the movies which open to a decent size and are clear, and you can even jump through the Flash stream. Leave your comments, read what others have said and use the Related Content tab to find more of the same. Well, no one video is the same as another, but more of the similar would be a better way to describe what you find.

Is that a problem? The similarity of the models? Its a question I've often asked myself and I do, after a while, long for some body hair or someone over the age of 25, say. But no, its not really a problem. Youre not going to find bears in here, you wont find mustached hunks sweating it out on the ranch, thats not what this company produces. But you will find amateur guys who pass easily for professional performers, you will find star names too (check out the Corbin Fisher content thats a bonus), and you will find perfect, European porn, and loads of it.

Bottom Line:
A perfect site for youth, beauty and quality porn. It shines, it sparkles, it has full length exclusive scenes, backstage footage and news, details and interactive options, a shop, forum, feeds, links... in fact everything you want and need in the perfect porn site. The only thing missing is you.
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